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about st lucia dental 4 min
about st lucia dental 4 min

St Lucia Dental uses state of the art technology to provide a safe and stress free environment.

3Shape intraoral 3D Dental Scanner

Intraoral scanners excite patients by bringing digital dental impression & treatment to life. We use this technology so our patients have 3D insights into their dental health and proposed treatment outcomes. It allows us to show patients their future smile with 3Shape TRIOS Smile Design.

Digital Radiology OPG (Orthopantomogram) and CBCT (Cone-beam Computed Tomography)

An OPG is a full mouth x-ray that shows a panoramic view of the mouth including teeth, bone, sinus and surrounding hard tissue. These x-rays are taken and can be seen within the same appointment to show any abnormalities, wisdom teeth, infections and other oral problems, including forms of oral cancer. CBCT Radiology allows a 3-Dimensional image of the patients’ mouth and bone structure to be taken. This allows the dentist to make a more accurate diagnosis and receive a more detailed view of the patient’s mouth structure to create a tailored treatment plan.

Dental Laser

Dental Lasers can be used for a wide variety of dental procedures including fixing small decay, soft tissue treatments and teeth whitening. The dental lasers can be almost pain free for patients and mean little to no anaesthesia. This process is extremely suitable for any patient who may be worried or anxious about their dental procedure. Dental lasers are safe and suitable for children and adults to use.

Digital bite-wing x-rays

Digital bite wings are a quick and effective way for the dentist to check for and diagnose any decay or problems in-between teeth. These x-rays give a clear view of the upper and lower jaw and show teeth in detail for the most effective oral health diagnosis. These x-rays give a minimal measure of radiation and show an instant image for dentist and patient to view.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras that allow both dentist and patient to investigate and discuss oral health while the patient is in the chair. A screen within the treatment room will show all images the intraoral camera sees and allow photos to be taken within the mouth.

Extraoral camera

Extraoral cameras are used to photograph the teeth as how the naked eye would see to give an overview of teeth shape, colour and spacing. These photos can be used for orthodontic treatment, aesthetic change plans, whitening treatments and to also keep track of any teeth movement. The camera can highlight areas of infection and help detect and identify oral cancer.


A Diagnocam is the latest dental technology where a laser beam projects images of your mouth onto a screen. This will not only show in depth oral details but also allow you to see what the dentist is seeing. The Diagnocam is an alternative to x-rays that is pain free, radiation free and effective.

Nitrous Sedation

Also known as “happy gas,” patients will breathe the sedation gas through a nosepiece to help relax for the dental appointment. This process has no lasting side effects and patients can go back to their day once the treatment is over and nosepiece is removed. Patients of all ages are welcome to use nitrous sedation for a comforting and relaxing treatment.

In-house Mouthguards/ Whitening Trays/Splints

Mouthguards, whitening trays and splints are all available treatment options with our practice. An initial appointment will allow impressions of the teeth to be taken before a follow up appointment where the mouth models will be fitted. All treatments are fast and easy to obtain.

Infection Control/Sterilisation

St Lucia Dental uses procedures that exceed Australian standards and guidelines. Our infection control and use of Autoclaves ensure that the risk of infection is minimised or prevented. All instruments are bagged and tracked to ensure the best possible infection control. Our practice is dedicated to providing a clean and sterilised environment for all patients to feel confident with being in a sanitary and healthy environment.

The Wand Anaesthetics Delivery System

Wand anaesthetic is a controlled and comfortable way of receiving oral injections. The wand is controlled by a computer to ensure and steady injection that patients can stay relaxed whilst receiving. This treatment is recommended to patients who feel uncomfortable with injections or are anxious about treatment.

3D stents for implant treatment planning

3D Stents are moulded guides created from impressions of the patients’ mouth to allow ease in insertion of an implant. Our dental stent system for implants allow the implant to be precisely and effectively placed during the procedure. 3D stents can be made from acrylic or metal and are a crucial stage to the implant treatment process. Our implant systems ensures that your tooth will look, feel and function just like any other tooth.

In Chair Entertainment

Every patient room provides in chair entertainment with a TV situated above the patient chair for your viewing pleasure and comfort. Netflix and Tv is available for patients of all ages and provides excellent entertainment and distraction for the little ones who might be nervous about their dental visit.