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We accept all major health funds and are a preferred provider for

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Tackling Bad Breath with Confidence

Struggling with bad breath? It’s not just a social concern but can also be a sign of underlying dental issues.

Bad breath is caused when bacteria living in the mouth breaks down to release unpleasant odour.

At St Lucia Dental, we identify and effectively treat the causes of bad breath so you can speak and smile with confidence.

If you’re suffering from bad breath, we will give you an individual assessment to determine what’s causing it and how to fix it.

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What Causes Bad Breath?

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Tooth Decay

Teeth can harbour bacteria and emit unpleasant odours, which can significantly contribute to bad breath.
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Tongue Bacteria

The tongue can collect bacteria and food particles, producing sulfurous compounds that cause bad breath.
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Poor Nutrition

Diets lacking in essential nutrients can lead to dry mouth and decreased saliva, exacerbating bad breath.
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Gum Disease

Infections in the gums create pockets that trap food particles and bacteria, leading to persistent bad breath.

Treatments That Can Help

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Tooth Decay Treatment

Addressing cavities and tooth decay can prevent the accumulation of odour-causing bacteria.
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Gum Disease Treatment

Professional care for gum disease can eliminate infection and reduce bad breath significantly.
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Checkup & Clean

Regular checkups and cleans can treat issues like plaque buildup and tartar before bad breath occurs.

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Why Thousands Of Locals Love St Lucia Dental

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Elite Dentists

Our dentists are some of the best in Brisbane. Each one of them is highly trained, very experienced and very friendly!
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Affordable Fees

As a preferred provider we can provide affordable fees, as well as offering payment plans to reduce financial stress.
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Top Tier Facilities

We have incredible facilities with all the latest equipment, 10 surgeries, lots of parking, entertainment for kids and more.
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