Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is one of Australia’s most common dental conditions and is usually caused by a build-up of plaque on teeth.

Common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding or painful gums; loose teeth; or a swollen mouth.

There are different stages of gum disease and each require specific treatment. Early gum disease is known as gingivitis – and common symptoms including bleeding or swollen gums. More serious gum disease – which arises when gingivitis is not treated – is known as periodontitis. This occurs when gum health deteriorates to cause a slight space to form between the tooth and the gum.

Bacteria can get trapped in these pockets – and cause more serious problems such as tooth looseness, tooth decay and tooth loss.

St Lucia Dental is experienced in treating gum disease at all stages – and establishing gum disease prevention programs. Remember, the best way to prevent gum disease is through regular brushing, flossing and six monthly dental check-ups.

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