Protect Your Smile With Custom Made Mouthguards

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We accept all major health funds
and are a preferred provider for

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We accept all major health funds and are a preferred provider for

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Keep your teeth safe with high quality, custom-fitting mouth guards.

When it comes to mouth guards, quality matters! Whilst mouth guards from the chemist are easy to use, they lack the custom fit that truly safeguards your teeth and gums.

Their generic shape often leads to a loose fit, reducing their effectiveness and compromising safety.

Our tailor-made mouth guards give you unparalleled protection and comfort. This is particularly important for children, as they have mouths that are still developing.

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Exceptional dental care in a relaxed atmosphere at a reasonable price.

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Mouth Guards: The Process

We create professionally-fitted dental mouth guards that offer the ultimate protection. Designed to custom-fit your mouth, our mouthguards ensure comfort and security, so you can focus on excelling in your sport without worrying about your smile
Initial Examination

Consultation & Impressions

First, we take precise impressions of your teeth to ensure your mouth guard fits flawlessly, providing maximum protection.

Crafting Your Mouthguard

Using high-quality materials, we craft a comfortable and durable mouthguard that perfectly fits the contours of your teeth and gums.
Tooth Preparation

Fitting & Guidance

Once your mouthguard is ready, we have an appointment to make sure it fits just right, along with advice on how to take care of it.

How much do mouth guards cost?

We aim to make our mouth guards affordable. They typically range between $150 to $400, and out-of-pocket costs vary depending on your health insurance coverage.

Patients with comprehensive extras coverage through insurers like Medibank and Bupa often benefit from reduced or no costs.

However, coverage varies from fund to fund, so we recommend checking with your insurer for specific details, or just reply to this email and we can let you know about any out-of-pocket costs.

Why Choose St Lucia For Mouth Guards?

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Mouth Guard Experts

Our dentists bring years of experience in wisdom teeth extractions, ensuring professional and gentle care.
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Fully Customisable

Not only is each custom-made, we’ve got a range of designs that allow you to show off your personality!
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Value For Money

As the preferred provider for many major health funds, we provide exceptional dental care at a reasonable price.

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