Dental Braces: Straighten Crooked Teeth And Create A Health Smile

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We accept all major health funds
and are a preferred provider for

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We accept all major health funds and are a preferred provider for

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Fix gaps, teeth crowding, underbites and more with traditional braces.

Beyond enhancing the appearance of your smile, dental braces play a crucial role in improving oral health.

Correctly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reduce teeth grinding, and ensure brushing and flossing are more effective.

Whether dealing with teeth crowding, overbites, underbites, or spacing issues, braces offer a proven solution for teens and adults.

At St Lucia Dental, we provide a range of braces and orthodontic treatments. With our expertise, embracing a straighter smile is simple, efficient, and tailored to fit your budget.

Exceptional dental care in a relaxed atmosphere at a reasonable price.

That’s why locals love St Lucia Dental.

Dental Braces: How It Works

While braces do help with the appearance of misaligned teeth, they also provide many oral health benefits and improve the overall function of your mouth. 

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Initial Consultation

Start with a detailed assessment to understand your needs and explore your options.
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Customised Treatment Plan

We design a personalised plan, ensuring the best approach for your smile transformation.
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Fitting Your Braces

Our skilled team fits your braces, setting the foundation for your new smile.
Opting for anaesthetic to remove wisdom teeth

Ongoing Adjustments

Attending regular appointments allows us to adjust your braces and monitor progress.
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Reveal Your New Smile

After treatment, you can enjoy a beautifully aligned smile and enhanced oral health.
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Regular Checkups

Attend your standard dental checkups to make sure you maintain results and stay healthy.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces varies depending on your individual needs and situation.

As a rough guide, the average range is $7000 – $7500 and the rebate depends on your health insurance coverage.

Some individuals receive a certain amount each year which can be between $400 – $1000, and others get a lifetime amount which can be up to $2000.

We also provide payment plans. This is for demonstrative purposes only and is not an exact price. For a personalised quote, please call us for a free consult.

Why Choose St Lucia For Dental Braces?

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Highly Skilled Dentists

Our dentists are experts with braces and cosmetic dentistry. They’ll make sure you get the result you’re looking to achieve.
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Premium Materials

We strive for a gentle approach to orthodontics, ensuring each adjustment is as comfortable as possible.
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Value For Money

As the preferred provider for many major health funds, we can provide exceptional Invisalign treatment at an affordable price.