Practice Photos

St Lucia Dental is a purpose build practice designed specifically to give you, the patient, the best possible care and experience. Please enjoy the photos below.


Untitled design 71 Welcome from St Lucia Dental
outside 6 1 min 12 St Lucia Dental in the heart of St Lucia
3 St Lucia Dental at Night
4 View from Hawken Drive at Night
5 Our friendly signs out the front
6 St Lucia Dental at Dusk
7 Free parking with lift access


1 High tech and modern patient rooms
2 Implant and surgical centre downstairs
3 Reception area with friendly staff
4 Children’s play area in reception
5 Main foyer with lift access


1 Our lovely front office staff at St Lucia Dental
2 Our friendly team
3 Our Comfortable Reception Area

Patient Suites

1 State of the Art Patient Suites
2 Comfortable Patient Suite with Private Forest View
3 Comfortable Patient Suite with view of the Brisbane River